Still time to order for Mother’s Day … and get 10% OFF

21 Mar

Just in case you’ve forgotten …. it’s Mother’s Day next  Sunday, March 30.  If you are still trying to decide on a quality gift, then our luxury towelling rug coat is a great idea – assuming your mum has a dog of course :)

Popular with breeders and working dog owners alike, our rug is in a class of its own and will last for years. It dries a dog FAST and offers exceptional warmth. Ideal after swimming, hydrotherapy, bath – or a cold, wet walk.

It reduces drying time for heavy coated dogs literally by hours – and it’s great for keeping down the mud splatters in your coat if you pop it on the dog for the journey home from a country walk.

We wouldn’t be without ours for rescue dogs Mollie and Luna – but obviously we’re biased so don’t take our word for it – check out the amazing reviews on our website from satisfied customers.

There’s still time to order in time for Mother’s Day – and you can use discount code SPECIAL10 to get 10% OFF the price.

Certainly beats the usual chocolates and flowers.Image

Opening day at Crufts – good luck everyone!

6 Mar

Crufts 2014 opens today and we wanted to wish all competitors the best of luck – and remind everyone that our luxury towelling rug coat will be on sale at the show this year.

Preferred by many breeders and working dog owners for its speed of drying, our fast drying towelling rug coat is fully reversible and dries your dog fast – after a bath, swimming, hydrotherapy – or just a cold, wet walk.

Pop it on before you get in the car for the journey home after a muddy walk.  As well as helping to warm and dry your four-legged friend, it cuts down on the mud spatters inside your car.

The towelling rug coat will be on sale at Crufts on Stand 70 Hall 1 (under the stars from Hall 2) from Dog Books Online. You can also check out their amazing range of dog books – everything from dog encyclopedias to training books and DVDs.

Dries heavy coated dogs FAST

Dries heavy coated dogs FAST


Count down to Crufts

28 Feb

It’s now less than a week until the main doggie event of the year – Crufts Dog Show.

Although we won’t be attending Crufts this year, we are delighted to announce that our towelling rug coat will be on sale in Hall 1.

Dog Books Online, home to just about every type of dog book you can think of, will be stocking popular sizes in our towelling rug coat as well as our popular stopper pad protectors.

Crufts runs from Thursday, March 6 – Sunday, March 9 and you can find Dog Books Online in Hall 1 – stand 70 – under the stairs from Hall 2.

towelling sit

Clever Beagle bags the chicken nuggets !

14 Jan

Firstly – Happy New Year to all our readers. Apologies that we didn’t post earlier but we have been rushed off our feet with extra orders for our dog snow/mudsuit and warming towelling rug coat in anticipation of the dreaded snow and ice to come!

But we couldn’t resist taking a couple of minutes out to watch this amazing video of a clever dog helping itself to food from the oven.

Okay, any dogs watching obviously need to be told – don’t try this at home. Ovens are hot and presumably the determined beagle burned his mouth.

So, grab your coffee and enjoy a smile at the ingenuity of man’s best friend.  Who says dogs are dumb animals? This little guy certainly puts that myth to bed. Click here to watch the video.

And don’t forget …. you can get 10% off all full priced Country Mun products at the moment by using code Special10 at checkout :)

So it’s a great time to invest in a new dog coat or warming/drying towelling rug coat.

Sign the petition – and spread the word!

14 Nov

Following our last post which warned that thousands of dogs and cats have been poisoned by drinking anti-freeze (it tastes sweet), it seems there is a petition calling for anti-freeze to have a bitterant added so that it does not taste good.  If this is done, then many dogs and cats will be saved from an appalling death.

So, please follow the link to sign the petition calling for anti-freeze have a bitterant added – and share it with all your Facebook or Twitter contacts.

Click here to sign the petition.  If you want to find out more, you can go to the campaign’s website: bluedeath (antifreeze kills) where there are some heartbreaking stories of pets who died from antifreeze poisoning plus details of how you can help the campaign.

If everyone spreads the word, hopefully we can protect some pets from dying this winter while working on getting the bitterant added in the future.  There are still many people who don’t realise how lethal antifreeze is.  Any small spills should be properly cleaned up to protect both pets and toddlers and antifreeze should be locked away securely – like all poisons.

Warning – this could kill your dog!

11 Oct

Most of us keep our dog on its lead unless we are well away from roads – but this doesn’t necessarily mean your pet is safe from cars.

We were really sad to hear about the death of a young puppy who drank from a puddle as he came back from a walk with his owner.

Sadly, the puddle was on the road and had been contaminated by anti-freeze which had leaked from a car. Despite the best efforts of a vet, the dog couldn’t be saved.  His owners were left devastated and now want to start a campaign to warn people about the dangers of allowing their pet to drink from puddles.

reflecto sheet on car

Cars can kill – even when they are standing still!

So please pass this message on to other dog owners in the hope that it can prevent a similar tragedy. (Cats too can die after drinking anti-freeze stored in a garage or shed – it tastes sweet so you need to keep it locked away.)

Cool Competition Winner!

12 Sep

It’s been pretty busy of late so apologies that we didn’t get the competition winner news on here until now.


Winner of the Cooler summer reflective coat was Yorkshire Terrier, Jack (owned by Stephen Holman from Yorkshire.  He kindly sent us this picture of little Jack sporting his new coat.

Yorkie, Jack, wearing his prize"

Yorkie, Jack, wearing his prize

We’d also like to say  a big thank you to runner-up, Joanne Mapp.  Her dog doesn’t wear stopper pad protectors but she asked if we could donate them to a local dog charity, Wallace Kennels. It’s a great organisation so if you can offer a home to a dog or would like to donate, please visit their facebook page here.   We are still waiting to hear back from our other runner up, Callie Buzzie Bee.

Thank you to everyone who entered.  Like our Facebook page to make sure you hear about our next competition. 



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