Swimming is fun!

At this time of year, we should all be out enjoying the summer weather but it seems mother nature has other plans for us all this year.

With most of the country hit by heavy rain and flooding,  it really is a dog’s life for sun-worshippers at the moment 🙂

Here at Countrymun, our coolie dog coats and the indispensable reflector sheet would normally be top of our sales list (and of course they are excellent for the occasional hot days that suddenly come along).

But you won’t be surprised to hear that it’s our waterproof coats that are currently top-of-the-pops with customers!

Our waterproof Challenger coat is available in a cotton-lined version as well as a thermal fleece version for the coldest winter days – and we manufacture it in a variety of styles to suit different breeds as well as different sizes.

You can find the Challenger – and lots more on our website – here.

hope to see you there – and as always, please drop us a line with any queries you may have: sales@countrymun.com


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