Back in Stock!

Amazing for fast drying and warmth!It’s been REALLY cold over the past few weeks and we’ve struggled to keep up with demand for our luxury towelling rug coat – so apologies if you tried to order and we were out of stock in your chosen size.

The good news is – that while we can’t do anything about the freezing cold weather – we do now have stock of the towelling rug coat in all sizes from 14 inch (36 cms) to 30 inch (76 cms).

The towelling rug is excellent for use after bathing, hydrotherapy, swimming – or just a special treat after a long, cold walk!  It’s especially popular because it dries your dog so much faster than a normal towel.  Don’t just take our word for it – check out the customer reviews on our website!

That’s because it features quality wadding (think duvet!) sandwiched between two layers of 390gsm Italian double-sided towelling – which makes it ultra absorbent.  It is completed by a very wide belt with velcro adjustment. A great gift for your four-legged friend when you think he/she deserves a little TLC. 🙂


Your dog’s best friend is its towelling rug coat 🙂

And we’ve saved the best till last ….. we have also extended our Special 10% online discount so that people who couldn’t get their size earlier don’t lose out. Make sure you click the box saying ‘Apply’ when you add your ‘Special10’ code at checkout. 


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