Warning – this could kill your dog!

Most of us keep our dog on its lead unless we are well away from roads – but this doesn’t necessarily mean your pet is safe from cars.

We were really sad to hear about the death of a young puppy who drank from a puddle as he came back from a walk with his owner.

Sadly, the puddle was on the road and had been contaminated by anti-freeze which had leaked from a car. Despite the best efforts of a vet, the dog couldn’t be saved. ┬áHis owners were left devastated and now want to start a campaign to warn people about the dangers of allowing their pet to drink from puddles.

reflecto sheet on car

Cars can kill – even when they are standing still!

So please pass this message on to other dog owners in the hope that it can prevent a similar tragedy. (Cats too can die after drinking anti-freeze stored in a garage or shed – it tastes sweet so you need to keep it locked away.)