Sign the petition – and spread the word!

Following our last post which warned that thousands of dogs and cats have been poisoned by drinking anti-freeze (it tastes sweet), it seems there is a petition calling for anti-freeze to have a bitterant added so that it does not taste good.  If this is done, then many dogs and cats will be saved from an appalling death.

So, please follow the link to sign the petition calling for anti-freeze have a bitterant added – and share it with all your Facebook or Twitter contacts.

Click here to sign the petition.  If you want to find out more, you can go to the campaign’s website: bluedeath (antifreeze kills) where there are some heartbreaking stories of pets who died from antifreeze poisoning plus details of how you can help the campaign.

If everyone spreads the word, hopefully we can protect some pets from dying this winter while working on getting the bitterant added in the future.  There are still many people who don’t realise how lethal antifreeze is.  Any small spills should be properly cleaned up to protect both pets and toddlers and antifreeze should be locked away securely – like all poisons.