Hot Weather – Bad News for Dogs

Most of us spent winter dreaming of warmer days ahead and many can’t wait to get out their shorts and enjoy the great outdoors. But although people generally enjoy the sun, few pets are as keen. (That said, we have a young rescue dog who will deliberately lie in the hot sun for as long as she can!) Of course, dogs doubtless enjoy the longer walks and occasional day trips added to their weekly routine in the summer months but it’s important to ensure they don’t over-heat. Remember, dogs have a fur coat on – so they get hot a lot faster than us – and they tend to run more so can become dehydrated quite quickly. That’s why it’s essential to keep an eye on your pet and make sure that there is always fresh water available. Here are some handy tips to keep them cooler in the sun:

Walk near water so your dog can cool off easily

Walk near water so your dog can cool off easily

  • For dogs who like water, a small child’s paddling pool with an inch or two of water is a good idea in the garden
  • If leaving your dogs in the house, choose a room that doesn’t get hot because of direct sunlight
  • Always carry water for your dog on walks or day trips. Some bottles have a handy drinking trough attached and you can pick them up in bargain shops for under £5 – or you can carry a collapsible bowl.
  • If you have a small sun-trap of a garden, try to give your dog a cool spot to relax. This doesn’t have to be anything expensive – just a well placed garden chair with a towel over it will provide some shade for smaller dogs.
  • We all know it’s dangerous to leave a dog in a parked car – even for a short period of time. But even getting back into the car after a day out can feel like you are climbing into an oven. So try to park in a shaded spot – or better yet, buy one of our popular reflective car sheets to help keep the interior cooler. It’s multi-use so you can use it for other things throughout the year.
  • Don’t over-do it on hot days. Dogs love to walk but they can get over hot and dehydrated in very hot weather. If you want a long walk, make sure there are shady places to rest along the way (or plan your walk to pass a country pub where you can enjoy some refreshment too!)

Dark coloured dogs feel the heat even more since their coats don’t reflect the sun as well as white haired dogs. All dogs will benefit from our reflective cooler coat – or even the budget Wet Wrap which can be soaked in water and then put over your dog.

Do you have tips for keeping dogs cool in summer? Share them with us here …

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