Hello – and thanks for visiting our blog!

Country Mun Dogwear makes and sells a range of high quality dog wear and most people know us from our stand at top shows such as Crufts.

We are based in the north of England and produce a wide variety of dog coats and other essentials.  Our signature product is our Ultimate Dog Drying Coat (never beaten!) but we are also known for our Mutley all in one mudsuit/snowsuit, dog wetsuits and the famous Vet Boot to protect injured legs/ paws.

We are a small family firm and pride ourselves on quality products made from quality materials. Our prices may not be the cheapest but in the long run, they cost less than cheap, poorly made imports.  We have customers who tell us they are still using a coat they bought from us more than 15 years ago!

We offer a range of  sizes in coats and even make special styles for breeds such as pug, daxi, bulldog, whippet and greyhound.

We also offer a custom service for dogs who need a wider (or narrower) girth size and for large dogs such as Great Dane, Newfoundland etc.

Whatever the size of your dog, we should be able to make a coat to fit!

We  are now expanding our online shop and you can see our full range at www.countrymun.com.

We hope to see you there!







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