See our dog wetsuit in action on Youtube

Our neoprene dog wetsuit coats are popular for wet and muddy walks because they keep your dog dry – and help to give a little chest protection.

Ecology dog, Stig in his wetsuit coat

Ecology dog, Stig in his wetsuit coat

But they are also ideal for keeping your dog warm when swimming – and with the help of Spaniel Nell, a real swimming fanatic, we have uploaded a video to YouTube showing the wetsuit in action.

(The wetsuit coat is available in a range of colours and sizes. It adds a little buoyancy when swimming but it is NOT a life preserver. If your dog is not a confident swimmer – or is swimming in deep water – you will need the RuffWear lifejacket – also available on our website 🙂

The wetsuit is popular with many owners whose dogs get into scrapes – in bramble/rough undergrowth etc – because they provide some chest cover. Please note – the wetsuit is not body armour !  It is made from fabric and will puncture/tear if the dog runs into something sharp. However, it takes the brunt of the collision and can reduce the risk of your dog being injured and needing vet treatment. After all, it’s better to have a torn coat than a bleeding dog!

You can see the full range of colours, sizes and prices here.