Cold Weather is snow joke!

Most dogs  love to play in the snow and are having a great time in our current arctic conditions.

BUT remember that in very cold weather, even their fur coat may not be enough to keep them warm.  When temperatures plummet, dogs can suffer from hypothermia and it can be life threatening.

When your dog’s temperature drops below normal, muscles begin to stiffen and the heart and breathing rate slow down.  Of course, some dogs such as huskies were bred for this type of condition but most UK dogs are not used to the low temperatures we are having at the moment.

So don’t take any chances with your precious pet:

Limit the time spent outdoors – and always stay with your pet

When you are outdoors, look out for signs that the cold is affecting your dog.  Shivering is an obvious sign of distress but earlier signs might include whining/barking, trying to climb up at you or even standing motionless.  Your dog may also lift a paw because the snow/ice is affecting its pads.

Take steps to help keep your pet warm.

Our body-hugging neoprene dog coat is perfect for this type of weather. It helps to retain body heat without restricting your pet in the way a normal coat might do. It is also a great everyday coat for wet and muddy walks as well as helping to keep your dog warmer when swimming.

Available in sizes to suit most dogs, the neoprene coat comes in four colours and prices start at £38.99.  Buy now and  SAVE  by using code Special10 to get 10% off.

You can see the neoprene coat here – and make sure you check out the great reviews on our Facebook page.

Elderly, vulnerable and thin-coated dogs are especially at risk in freezing weather. Many owners use our Ultimate Dog Drying Coat as an outdoor body warmer during winter.  Although it’s not waterproof, its special padding helps to keep your dog warm. Some people use them for dogs in unheated rooms during winter too.

The Ultimate Dog Drying Coat is available in midnight navy or poppy red. It is reversible and dries your dog FAST. Priced from £36.50 – you can buy online here .

If your dog suffers from snow/ice balls on its underside, the neoprene coat will prevent this – or, for full body coverage we make a Mutley snow/mudsuit. This is not padded so in extreme weather you may want to put a thin coat underneath. As well as covering the tummy, this is also ideal for long-haired dogs who get snow balls on their legs.


The Muttley Snow/Mudsuit is available in black, green or red. We keep limited sizes in stock so please allow 7-10 days at busy times.

Have a Great Time at Crufts

It’s hard to believe that it’s a year since Crufts – but the world’s largest dog show takes place again this week at the NEC in Birmingham.

As usual, we’d like to say good luck to everyone taking part – and we’ll be watching on TV in the hope of spotting some of our ‘customers’ sporting their Country Mun towelling rug coats or benching boots (to keep those paws beautifully clean on the way into the show ring.)

Crufts has come a very long way since it was first held in 1891.  Find out more about it in this Birmingham Mail feature.

And don’t forget ….. you can still use special offer code Special10 to get 10% off your towelling rug coat on our website – and our neoprene wetsuit coats – as modelled in the latest colour by working dog, Bones, are currently 15% off.

Ideal for swimming or hydrotherapy, the wetsuit coat is also perfect as a warm everyday coat.

Bones, sporting our new blue wetsuit coat.

Bones, sporting our new blue wetsuit coat.

We’re The Tops – says the Daily Mail

There’s been a flurry of excitement in the Country Mun office this week ….. after the Daily Mail chose two of our products to test for a  seaside feature on sand-busting products.

The top review of Country Mun in the Daily Mail

The top review of Country Mun in the Daily Mail

And our neoprene dog wetsuit coat and cool dog boots got a big thumbs up! Although we tend to sell them for everyday walking, the boots were used to keep sand out of the dog’s paws and apparently worked a treat. (They are also good to prevent your dog scorching its pads on hot sand or pavements but are just as suited to protecting your dog from ice and road grit in winter.)
Sandbusting rating from the Daily Mail was 8/10. Top score given.

They also tested out our dog wetsuit coat – which is great for everyday walks as well as swimming and the reviewer was pleased that it kept a lot of sand out of the dog’s coat – the model was a curly, heavy coated spaniel cross.

Although originally designed for swimming – to keep dogs warm and add buoyancy – the wetsuit coat is now popular with a wide range of  dog owners because it is great for walks and doesn’t restrict movement in the way that a normal coat would. It keeps your dog warm and dry without anything flapping about!

Currently, you can get 15% off the wetsuit – which starts at just £28.90. In plain or beige camo pattern, you can order it here  – and we are also offering a special weekend price-buster on the Ruffwear Float coat – the best dog life jacket you can buy.

dog in floatcoat



*If you’d like to see how other items fared in the Daily Mail review – which tested everything from a sand repelling beach towel to an ipad holder – you can read the full article here.

Flash Sale – Get 30% OFF our neoprene dog wetsuit coats :)

Well, as it says …. the sun is finally out so we’re having a flash (or maybe that should be splash 🙂 sale on our doggie wetsuit coats.

The wetsuit coat is ideal for swimming, hydrotherapy or just a wet walk (helps to keep the underside of your dog clean). It is great for dogs who love to run because it doesn’t restrict them in the way a normal coat would – and there’s no flapping fabric to worry about.

It is popular with lots of working dog owners because it helps to keep the dog warm on cold days – and of course, it’s a must-have for owners whose dogs love to swim.

Even when the sun is out in the UK, the water temperature in the sea or river is still pretty cold – this wonderful wetsuit will help to keep your four-legged friend warm.

Small and thin-coated dogs in particular can suffer from hypothermia if they spend too long in very cold water.  Made from neoprene – the same fabric used for human wetsuits – our wetsuit also adds buoyancy but please note that it is not a life preserver (although we sell those too).

Ready for the water - bring it on!

Ready for the water – bring it on!

We’re currently offering an amazing 30% discount on our wetsuits –  which means you can buy at the best price you will find anywhere.

Sitting pretty - spaniel in camo pattern dog wetsuit

Sitting pretty – spaniel in camo pattern dog wetsuit

Spread the word – when they’re gone, they’re gone!!  See our website for how to measure and pricing information.


If you need a doggie lifejacket - try our RuffWear float coat

If you need a doggie lifejacket – try our RuffWear float coat

Dog Wetsuits on Sale!

Just a quick note to let you know that we have  some discontinued wetsuits to clear – so check out our clearance page before they all go.

We also have new stock of this season’s  dog wetsuits ready for the summer (which we hope is on its way). They are available in plain or camo pattern to suit a wide range of sizes.

Although wetsuits are ideal for swimming because they keep your dog warm and add buoyancy, many people buy them simply for using on walks. Some dogs manage to get their undersides filthy while out and the wetsuit helps to keep the chest and tummy clean – saving a lot of washing/brushing time when you get home.

If your dog swims regularly in deep or fast-running water, then a life preserver is a good idea. We now stock the RuffWear FloatCoat lifejacket – special intro price!